• Information Provided to Obucket.pk are all encrypted and will not pass forwarded to any third party or telemarketing comapnies.
  • Information Provided to Obucket.pk should be detail ,in case of parcel refusal customer will get penalty for their mistake.
  • Obucket.pk never ask for your personal email id, password or any bank details.
  • Items which include warranty should be replace or claim the warranty with in given time period
  • Warranty would be claim for malfunction of the product only (damaging ,broken item warranty wont be claimed) .
  • Customer should not force or ask TCS rider to open the parcel before paying the item ,it can cause rider job on stake and ban the customer to shop online from Obucket.pk
  • Its solely customer responsibilty to contact Tcs once they receive CN (Tracking Number) message to keep an update for their parcel.


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